Frequently Asked Questions
Regarding Candida

How accurate is the spit test?

Based on eight years of feedback from customers, our impression is that the spit test is at least as accurate as stool samples or blood tests. All tests occasionally show false negatives or give inaccurate readings. To achieve the most accurate results, take the spit test first thing in the morning after briefly rinsing your mouth (you may have breathed in mold or other environmental factors that could affect the outcome of the test).

As the candida level gradually improves, the spit test should also show improvement. As candida is targeted and removed from various parts of the body, the spit test may also vary, from clear to cloudy and back to clear again. At some point, the test should be consistently clear.

Can I take these supplements with my other medications?

Yes, the supplements are natural and safe and can be taken along with other medications.

Are there any side effects?

There are no harmful side effects. We do, however, suggest starting out with low dosages, gradually increasing over a period of a week or two. If you begin to experience tiredness, slight nausea or mild flu-like symptoms, cut back on the amount of products you are taking until the symptoms are gone. Die-off symptoms are a sign that the supplements are working. Working too well so to speak.

It is very difficult to push your way through a die-off healing crisis. It can go on and on. It is best to ease up on the supplements so that you are not killing so much candida to give yourself a break. Supporting the liver with a product like Liver Balance Plus will enable it to better handle the toxins being released from the killed candida which are the cause of the die-off symptoms.

I’ve been using these supplements for a few days -- why is my yeast infection worse?

When these supplements attack candida, the yeast begin to “fight back”. This activation can cause a “flare up”, temporarily making you feel worse before you feel better. The best thing to do in this case is to reduce the dosages, then gradually increase as you feel better.

What is the best way to take the CandiClear5?

The best way to drink CandiClear5 is in water -- one scoop, three times per day. Another possibility is to mix it in food, such as oatmeal or yogurt, or bake it into pancakes or bread. Even juice or a smoothie could work but baking or mixing in food is probably better. This may seem counter-intuitive, as carbohydrates generally feed candida. As the yeast becomes attracted to the carbs, the CandiClear5 has a chance to rid the body of more candida at one time.

What about the candida diet?

A special diet, alone, will probably never eliminate the candida -- the yeast will continue to feed upon whatever is available. A shift to eating foods that prevent the yeast from replicating so quickly will surely help prevent flare-ups. The diet could be as extreme as eating only protein and vegetables.

Basically, avoid “fast foods” and most “white” foods, especially refined flour, white rice and all refined sugars. Limit high-glycemic fruits, esp. bananas, kiwi fruit, papaya and pineapples. If you find you cannot limit the above-mentioned foods, try compensating by taking more anti-candida supplements (though you will certainly achieve faster results by altering your diet).

I have a serious case of candida overgrowth but I can’t afford to get a number of products. What should I do?

The bigger combos we offer do a great job of restoring the body’s health and balance, keeping the yeast under control in small, manageable amounts in the intestinal tract. Your candida overgrowth is not likely to be completely eliminated with a minimal approach, but you should be able to get it under control.

Taking just the CandElim on an ongoing basis is the best thing to do. With GI Pro as a strong second to more quickly heal up the leaky gut. Once the leaky gut is healed, TotalFlora15 could help keep the candida under control in the intestinal tract.

I want to attack my candida overgrowth as vigorously as possible. What else can I do?

All of the other product suggestions will hit your candida in yet another way. You can add on any of them to the combo to be more vigorous in dealing with it.

Why is there die-off even when using CandXpel?

The only action CandXpel is doing is sending Candida and its spores out of your body without killing the candida. So it is not actually causing Candida die-off.

What happens when you experience die-off or detox symptoms using CandXpel, is this... 

Less Candida mean less toxins in the bloodstream as Candida always release toxins as part of their metabolic process. If your cells are full of toxins from years of accumulation, they now have the opportunity to release their toxins and this release can cause toxic overload at first.

These toxins, depending on where they are being released from, can cause symptoms to develop.

What you need to do is to stop for a week or so, until you are feeling better, and then start back at a lower dose. Maybe half the amount you were using. 

If this dosage seems to be okay, with no new development of Candida toxin symptoms, then about once a week, increase the dosage just a little bit.  Keep doing this till you work up to full dosage. Two bottles a month is best, but one per month works. Just takes longer.

If you start to notice symptoms again, you are dealing with more toxins than you can handle so cut back right away. Then, stay at that lower dose for a couple of weeks before increasing the dosage slowly again.


Did you know?
That most people's bodies are overly acidic instead of the normal slightly alkaline pH? An acidic body pH creates a favorable breeding ground for candida and other diseases. Fortunately, Alka Super C is excellent at improving pH levels. Also eat tangerines, grapefruit and lemons to improve pH and help reduce candida while eating carbs. Taking a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water 3 times a day is also useful. Neither is needed if using Alka Super C.
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