"I have been using your CandXpel and Total Flora 15 for two months and it has really helped me to control my appetite and diminish my outbreak of yeast infection. I have been eating healthy and watching my sugar and bread intake. Thank you"

Gayla C 5/6/16

Dear Robert,
"I am pleased with your product. I am almost done with my Candxpel and I feel the difference already. My energy is soaring and I feel better each day. I will continue for three months. I still get chemo shots but tolerable!
Thank you"
Angie C 4/25/16



"Even though I had never heard of Candida until I was in my late thirties (now 58), it is clear to me I have been struggling to balance it most of my life. As a teenager I had been on antibiotics for acne for several years, topically and orally, resulting in chronic diarrhea which morphed into chronic constipation, compromising my health in a multitude of ways. Even though I ate mostly organic, healthy foods most of my life, I was never able to resolve many chronic issues. I was treated by some of the top Candida specialists, but most of the treatment was so harsh on my liver it was never resolved and eventually led to colon cancer.
I started the CandXpel just about 6 weeks ago and am feeling really well with it. The first 2 weeks were a bit rough, but nothing compared to what I experienced with strong herbal antifungals. At around the 2 week mark I had large bumps appear (itchy and burning), mostly around my left ankle, but some random ones. I thought I might have bed bugs, but realized I was also having a large amount of itchy discharge from all orifices. I realized it was the CandXpel at work. In a few days it passed, and I have felt increasingly better since. I am sensing this elixir really goes deep and drives out the burrowing pests at their roots. I am excited to find something so effective and gentle that I have no issue staying on it 6 months or a year if that is what it takes. Thanks for creating such a gentle and effective aid to restoring health!"
Terry G 4/8/16

"It is with good health and gratitude that I am writing this testimonial for Pineal Gland Elixir. Prior to taking the Pineal Gland Elixir, I was catching every runny nose, sore throat, cough, virus and flu that my young granddaughters had come down with. Unfortunately, the illness would become much more serious for me than for the 2 and 4 year old little girls. Twice I suffered from deep lung infections accompanied by fevers of 103 or 104. When I asked Robert Harrison, Natural Health Consultant of Get Healthy Again, what I could do to boost my immune system, he identified that my pineal gland was very low and recommended I take this elixir. Within a very short time, I began sleeping more soundly and deeply than I had for many years and I felt much more rested when I awoke in the morning. I regained my energy and strength which allowed me to live the active and engaged life that I am accustomed to living. Now after six months of taking the elixir and being exposed to numerous colds, coughs and fevers, I continue to enjoy a good night's sleep, excellent health and abundant energy.

In addition to Pineal Gland Elixir, two months ago I began taking Optimal C, CandXpel and Stress Reducer Elixirs. I am frequently told by friends and family that I look very healthy, relaxed and happy. Based on the life-enhancing benefits I am experiencing, including feelings of deep peace, contentment and increased self awareness, and the positive feedback I am receiving, I highly recommend and give all three elixirs the highest ratings.

To Robert, who helped save my life when I was gravely ill from a serious case of Candida, I offer a deep bow of gratitude for sharing his unsurpassed skills and knowledge, his kindness and compassion and his sincere commitment to helping people become healthy. "

Rosalyn M.


Candida Diet Didn’t Work For Him, But This Did:

Written by a Happy Customer

Charlie had his first bout with Candida back in 1982, and since then has been struggling trying to get rid of it. A strong believer in nutrition and natural medications, Charlie tried modifying his diet, which seemed to work temporarily, but it always seemed to re-occur. Doctors didn’t even know what the real problem was. Dubious, Charlie tried CandElim. Read below or listen to Charlie’s fascinating story to discover how Charlie now lives Candida-free.

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Full Testimonial


Dr. Sharon Livingston: So I am Sharon Livingston and I am talking to Charlie. So we are talking today about your experience with Robert Harrison’s products and specifically can you tell me a little bit about you know what brought you there, how you got there, what you tried, what happened, just kind of tell me the story?

Charlie: Well ok, I found him through the internet and I read his treaties on what he has been doing. I have been dealing with Candida for about 30 years, 28 somewhere 26, 28, 30 years.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: How did you know you had it?

Charlie: Well you know I was always interested in self medicating through diet and I just knew that so much would happen to your body through what you ate and I did some research and I worked for a health food store in Bethel, Connecticut and I did, I think it is called Nystatin and it really, it really helped so I knew I had faith that there was such a thing as Candida number 1. What brought it on was a throat condition that I had.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: What was it?

Charlie: I beg your pardon?

Dr. Sharon Livingston: What was the throat condition?

Charlie: Well it was a, no doctor could tell me what it was, that was the problem. It was like a dry feeling in my throat and it would move around and this was over the space of weeks, months, years and I have found out that sugar, when I eliminated sugar from my diet it almost, it really helped what I was doing. So that got me started with Candida and I did some research and doing the Nystatin and the no sugar I eliminated my throat problem. However, I have had my problem, was brought on by antibiotics I believe. Many, many bouts with antibiotics. They have saved my life plenty of time, but what happens is that I go through this food sensitivities and it manifests mostly in my throat. I am sure other parts of my body, too, but that is where it was mostly felt and it did come on through working. I am a carpenter and it did come on in conjunction with sanding a particular type of wood, bass wood, it smells like pepper and that is when it came on and that was about 30 years ago. It must have been 1982, yeah, it was 1982. I think so because that is when I bought my property here and that is when I was working in Manhattan on this sound stage. Not a sound stage, we were building a recording studio and it was hand Helmholtz resonator that we were making and we were making it out of bass wood for some reason, a semi hardwood. At any rate I subsequently have had reoccurrences with Candida and a lot of times I would, just because it comes on so suddenly, I wouldn’t do the Nystatin and the, I would just eliminate sugar and I would hope for the best, and finally I wanted to do something about it because it was so pervasive. What was happening with my throat and the doctors said there is nothing there, the doctors couldn’t, you know, it wasn’t, I had what is that called when you take iodine for, thyroid. I had my thyroid checked because I had symptoms of that happening, heart palpitations etc. It all turned out to be just Candida and the reason I know it is because I took, I got the Candelim and I was very skeptical almost doing tasteless water and the directions were a little bit ambiguous at first. I think he ended up changing them to do it with meals. There were two different directives on the label, and two subsequent bottles that I got, straightened that out and then went off of it for a month and it all started to come back, started again and then it went away and I had something happened that was not accounted for that I attribute to Candelim and I had a fungus, a type of fungus that would appear on the tops of my feet. Went to the doctor he gave me this super salve that you put on, Corticortisone 10%, not that stuff you get over the counter.

And it would control it. It would start with a miniscule red dot and it would expand twice, it would go twice the size each day, it would be twice as big, so you could imagine once it gets to be a quarter inch and then the next day it’s a half inch its very scary. At any rate it was under control and I would chase it all over my feet, it totally disappeared and I have been doing this for 10 years, it totally disappeared.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Wow.

Charlie: It totally disappeared if this has to do with, now is Candida is that, that is a fungus isn’t it?

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Yep.

Charlie: Yeah so I attributed it to, I guess I just have been chasing it, it did disappear once before but that may have been in conjunction with something else but it came back and it was on both feet I think once and I think it started with a mosquito bite.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Oh my gosh.

Charlie: And there is a fungus, it’s a killer fungus that starts with a mosquito bite.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Oh my goodness.

Charlie: Yes, if you look it up on the Internet you will find it, but there is a fungus that you get from scratching a mosquito, I don’t know if it was a dead mosquito or whatever, but it is devastating. I don’t know whether this is that, but untreated its just incredibly viral. So any rate that is my story. I really feel that I am going to get it for my son for his birthday because he has a skin rash on his face that the doctors attribute to some sort of fungus and I am going to start him on Candelim and he is already interested in Candida too he is very aware of what he eats, he is a chef.

Does this sound plausible or I imagining, I am not, I know it is psycho-semantic illnesses are but I just feel that this really works, as I say I was skeptical, but it really works and I just wanted to commend the good doctor for doing this. It’s just really amazing. Where the heck did he come up with oils of conifers? Apparently the oils that are in it is mostly conifers except for the few which is, I don’t know, it might be a conifer.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Well this is not my area of expertise, my area of expertise is in interviewing people to find out what happened and although I definitely have an interest in all kinds of health related things, so I have done a lot of research on health myself, but it sounds fantastic. What were you looking for when you were searching on the internet what were you actually searching and what was it that Robert said in his…?

Charlie: Well first of all Candida elimination that is what I looked up and the name of his product is Candelim.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Right.

Charlie: So it really came up first you know first or second or third you know between 1, 2 or 3. I think it came up number 1 when I looked up Candida elimination.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Wow.

Charlie: It came up and I read what the research that he had been doing and how much involved he has been in it. I didn’t realize that he was involved with so many other health claims, but this one seems to have done it, it’s a 95% better and what happens is that I do go off my sugar free diet I mean just totally sugar free, no sugar in anything, I read labels, but you know I slowly go off of that as I get better which you know I have more control over it now so its nice to be able to have something with yeast in it for instance I couldn’t eat bread or drink beer for 28 years.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Wow. Otherwise you would get this thing in our throat.

Charlie: Well the thing in the throat and I would also get essentially bleeding hemorrhoids from beer.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Wow.

Charlie: Oh yeah, other people this isn’t unique to me, it has happened with other people, too, but you know perhaps it is one that keeps healing and keeps breaking, I don’t know exactly the physiology of it but no more, it was like I was in beer jail for 28 years and now I drink non alcoholic beer, I am addicted to it.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: That is really cute.

Charlie: It is really good for you too, beer is really good for you and you know I am not saying that the addition of all of those B vitamins hasn’t done anything to my homeostasis, but it may have because beer really is good for you. In most I think cultures started by drinking beer, that was their main stand 10,000 year old cultures, beer, good stuff.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: That’s great.

Charlie: Yeah but at any rate that is my story, I just really feel that it has helped.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: And may we use your story on his site?

Charlie: Yeah sure. Now I on my foot thing when I stopped it one of the feet came back, on one of the feet and then I started it again, when I started it again about oh, three weeks ago, four weeks, just about three weeks ago, it went away again.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: That is really cute. Well Charlie thank you very very much and I think that it is funny we both migrated from New York to New England.

Candida, Headaches and Fatigue Now Gone:

Written by a Happy Customer

Gina suffered from Candida almost all of her adult life. Birth control pills and hormone treatments made her Candida worse. She had trouble sleeping, felt irritable most of the time, and suffered flu-like symptoms, too. Finally tired of being sick, she set out on a quest to cure herself. Like most people, Gina was cynical when she came across CandElim, and was even concerned about the cost. But she finally overcame her own doubts and gave it a try. Find out why Gina now says that CandElim is “it’s the strongest, the best stuff I have found so far ” to eliminate Candida.

Listen to a HIGHLIGHT of this Candida relief story


Full Testimonial


Disclaimer: This person’s experience is not indicative of what you will experience.

Full Testimonial Transcript

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Hi Gina, it is Sharon Livingston. How are you today?

Gina: Oh I am pretty good. How are you?

Dr. Sharon Livingston: So we are going to be talking about your experience with the Candida products and I would love to hear your story, like how did you come to Robert Harrison’s website and give me a little background and then tell me what happened?

Gina: Well I have been fighting Candida really all of my life, but two sections of it when I was in my 20s I took birth control pills and that is when it got worse, and then in my middle 40s I started taking some bioidenticals hormones and it got really bad after that.

So I was on a quest, I was really sick with it and of course there are not that many doctors out there that know about it and can help you.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: When you say you were really sick – what kind of symptoms?

Gina: I was, it was attacking my nervous system and my blood pressure was going up, I was having headaches, tired, my ears, itching, I had really bad eczema, I was having trouble sleeping, very irritable, sound like you have the flu all the time. It’s a weird feeling, and I couldn’t eat anything. If I ate any sugar or carbs or anything my symptoms would just flare up and its just a terrible thing and I would not wish it on anybody because fungus is so hard to get it to die, especially when it gets to a stronger state and it mutates and it is just really hard.

So I have surfed the internet a lot looking for answers, buying books and trying to scope it out myself and I didn’t find him for awhile. I only found Get Healthy Again. When I punched in I think it was systematic Candida I had to clue in the computer I couldn’t just say Candida I had to say like it was systematic, like it was in my blood and then Get Healthy came up again. So then he had this whole analogy like this huge sheet on explaining it and why I wasn’t getting rid of it even though I was taking probiotics and antifungals and you know he was saying that you have to kill the spores and how it mutates and he explained like this really good analogy.

So right away I didn’t buy his products because they were expensive so I was kind of fooling around with a few other things and nothing was working and I was still, I felt just terrible and I thought I got to do something about this I can’t take it anymore. So then I bite the bullet and I bought Candida Clear first because it was like a detox with it, so I thought, “OK, I want to detox too.” So I was really sick when I first started taking that product. I was having such die off and I would e-mail him because I didn’t know what was going on and he would always answer my questions and tell me to cut the dose back, ease into it slow, he was very helpful through the process.

So then I did as he said and I started feeling better on it but I didn’t feel 100%, you know I couldn’t quite get it, if I started eating sugar you really have to, when you take these parts you really got to cut the diet, cut everything. I tried like every now and then put back my bioidentical hormones and I couldn’t it would just flare back up again so it was still in my system and he said that that would get it under control but it would take like six months. So I still have that product but the next time I thought that I would try it, he told me to try the Cand Elim, he said try that, so I ordered that.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: The Candelim?

Gina: So I know that it is working and that if I stop taking it, it starts coming back so it’s the strongest, the best stuff I have found so far and I am hoping that if I stay on it long enough and really watch the sugar and the hormones I don’t go back on those. That is obviously what is feeding it, too. Then I will be able to get my body back in balance and then I am also going to try the probiotics because I do take another probiotic care but I am going to try his to see if his is any better. The problem is the fungus will mutate. It gets used to stuff, but his products, the way they kill it it doesn’t mutate as much. So that is another thing its like I don’t have to rotate, like before I was rotating this fungals like every five days because it would stop working.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: So having had this experience, have you talked about it to anybody else, have you recommended it to anybody else?

Gina: Yes I have.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: What did you tell them?

Gina: I just, well they come to me because they know I have been through it and done it like people that are struggling with it and I tell them, I tell them about his website and then I say this is the best stuff that I have found. But it’s expensive. A lot of people don’t want to try because of the money, and then they think well that is not going to work they get rather discouraged, or they feel like that is just a hokes you know its hard to, but once you have had it and you felt so sick you cant, you know you can’t live like this, you get so, you have to get to your desperation point where you are ready to just spend the money and then try something and see if it works.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: I am so delighted that you had a good experience and what about Robert himself, what did you think of him?

Gina: I really liked the fact that I could e-mail him and he responded right back to me and he always told me what was going on, like he knew his products, he knew how to explain it to me so I understood and he was just talking like he is very very familiar with it.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: So I want to say thank you so much, this is exactly what I was hoping how the talk would go so you know we would understand the problem and what you tried and what has been the results so far. So is it ok if we use this audio on his site or in his mailings?

Gina: Yeah.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: That would be awesome.

Gina: Yes go ahead. Whatever can help more people.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Well have a wonderful Mother’s Day.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: And thank you so much for our talk.

Candida and Extreme Pain Eliminated:

Written by a Happy Customer

Do parasites cause Candida? Are food allergies related to Candida? Are flu-like symptoms one of the ways that Candida affects you? These were all questions that Peggy had. After returning from a vacation with a persistent illness, swollen fingers and hands, and a pain so bad she says “her skin hurt all over”, she ended up in the hospital. Skip ahead to the present day, and Peggy’s discovery of Robert Harrison and his Candida website. For the first time, she really learned about how Candida affects the body, and how to fight it. She knew she finally found a reliable resource she could trust. After 12 years of constant pain, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, she is finally pain free. Find out what that’s like by listening to this compelling audio.

Listen to a HIGHLIGHT of this Candida relief story


Full Testimonial


Disclaimer: This person’s experience is not indicative of what you will experience.

Full Testimonial Transcript

Peggy: My story is a long one, Sharon, but I will tell you. Initially this is why I was so interested in the Candida products because it seemed to me I never heard anything like this before.

Apparently thousands of people a year travel and get infected with parasites and nobody talks about it because nobody can seem to get help. They just get sick and nobody can ever find where so they can’t prove anything.

I was literally sick on the way home on the plane. I had eaten. My mother and I had eaten the same thing, dinner. Two days later, throughout the two days, I was just not feeling myself. Not like violently ill or anything, but I got this rash and then the next day I had fevers, the next day I almost couldn’t get out of bed just for the feeling of being hit with the flu. For two more days I am literally in bed, like chronic fatigue syndrome. My joints hurt, I am swollen, my fingers were unrecognizably swollen. My face had swollen so that it looked like I was allergic to bee stings and stung everywhere. You know that kind of swollen?

Dr. Sharon Livingston: My goodness.

Peggy: So I go to a doctor and they say well you are allergic to something you ate or whatever and they try a couple of medications. Two weeks later I am sound asleep in bed, nothing. You know I had been trying to get up and go to work and I am calling in sick. Two weeks more pass still in the same condition. I had all the same symptoms but everything got worse: the swollen, the joints, the pain, the fevers, the chills and meanwhile not knowing exactly what is happening. To a lighter extent my mother is having the same symptoms and we were the only two who ate the night before.

So you know basically after that initial infection which was like a month long it seemed like I couldn’t get out of bed, I finally got up and went back to work and did some things and I had been tired. That rash went away and the swelling went down but I still had some joint pains. But as this year goes on now after this I continue to lose weight and I started at 98 pounds.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Oh my.

Peggy: And I was 5’4”.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Oh my.

Peggy: These are really serious bugs when I tell you I had to be treated with a medication that we had to go get weekly in New York City that cost thousands of dollars a week.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Oh my god.

Peggy: We are not talking a little tired like I put on my pajamas and went to bed and just called in sick to work. I am telling you I could have slept through my house being on fire. I used to be a light sleeper, barely sleeping 5-6 hours a night and feeling fine in my 30s.

So we would go straight back then by the end of that five months of testing to me having that same rash with the same swollen joints and the same swollen face and now I am thinking to myself “holy shit what is wrong that I could be so seriously ill?” Literally if you touched, or if I had to turn over in the bed my skin would hurt, my head hurt so bad, my hair hurt. I can’t explain to you the pain I was in and it was just over joint pain. So I didn’t know what to do. I traveled around, researching as much as I can and I get myself to a rheumatologist who starts testing me for every possible auto immune disease there is. As far as the tests that can be positive tested, positive for lupus. But it took three more years to figure it out. That three years I was so sick because it was just continuing to ravage. One day I tried to get out of bed I basically fell on the floor and my husband said, “all right I will help you up.” I went to go grab him and I couldn’t move. I was paralyzed from the nipple line down. I felt nothing.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Oh my god.

Peggy: So he gets me to a hospital in New York City because of that specialist who gave me the name of the biggest lupus person there is. He sees me in Columbia Presbyterian and he says, “look we are going to give you these huge doses of steroids now because we are going to try to save your spine. Apparently there is an inflammatory process that has totally eaten through your spinal track.

“So you know we don’t know if you are ever going to be able to walk again, this is a syndrome called Transverse Myelitis and its like the million-to-one complication of lupus because you were never actually treated early or quick enough.” They couldn’t get control of it so it just continued to eat through the bone in my spine to the point of cutting off the nerves. So this guy got thousands of milligrams of steroids into me fast enough, but he told me that he is in his mid ‘60s (at that time 12 years ago) and that he was the number one physician in those Consumer Reports for rheumatology, the number one guy, I mean $5,000 to walk in type of situation. If I didn’t know somebody I never would have gotten in to see him. That is just how it is, but he has seen three people in his entire career who have this complication of lupus and none of them can walk. I was the fourth person and I got the steroids in fast enough and I was able to walk again, albeit barely. This is where I started off with lupus, so now none of my medications could get control of lupus.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: What a horror.

Peggy: I ended up with two years of chemotherapy to try and contain this lupus and not have it ruin the rest of my body. During that time I was so weakened that now it affected my second organ. The first was the bone, now it affected my lungs, and I was so tired and asleep for 20 hours [a day], for three years of not waking up, that my oxygen levels were so low that when I got to the emergency room I was directly put on a respirator. I couldn’t even tell them who I was. They didn’t even know if I was going to live through it. Apparently they told my husband between the bone situation and having such a low oxygen level we don’t even know if she will wake up and know who she is. We don’t know how long she has been without oxygen. I don’t know how I hibernated throughout that and lived with enough oxygen to not have my brain totally affected. It’s a lupus pneumonitis so it has all the symptoms of pneumonia but it’s not actually bacteria like you would have in a normal situation. It’s just an inflammatory process that has all the same symptoms. In other words, they treat this pneumonia, and since there is no bacteria. It’s just the lupus is fooling the body into symptoms of pneumonia, there is nothing really to treat. You have to either see if that person is strong enough to get over it with anti-inflammatory drugs. So eventually I wake up but of course you could imagine how I come home from this hospital. I was so bloated from these steroids between the bones and the pneumonia. I was like 140 pounds, the size of my abdomen.

So this pump in my abdomen: I have only had it for a year-and-a-half. That is how much time I was in bed not taking care of my family, and basically on pain medication to just get to the bathroom. Now I had a year-and-a-half, my youngest was a year-and-a-half old. She doesn’t remember me well so now that I am up and back on my feet with this pump she is thrilled. My older two feel like I was taken away for good because I never got up again.

I couldn’t even get to a food store so I used to have food delivered, and then my husband would pick up fresh items to get us through.

It was literally a homeopath that I found in Hudson County that I used to go visit. Her initial test, I am sorry, but her initial testing was through looking at my tongue and all symptomology and she was to give remedies that she would make and I would bring home and it was the first time anything felt better and you could actually see an improvement, but because I was so sick I would have had to have worked with her on a continuous basis probably for five years because of, you know, how these remedies work. I just keep getting sick whether I was having the chemotherapy like I was trying medically and doing that at the same time not realizing that you have to just get sick enough not to take the medication and go ahead medically to be able to let the homeopathic medication to work.

So literally when I got on Robert’s website not only is the information written clear enough for I believe some lay people to understand, it is still over a lot of heads. I gave it to my mom to see the website and see what was making me feel better so you know I gave it to her, and she had a hard time understanding and she is a very smart person.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: What was it that it said that it excited you?

Peggy: It was the way he explained everything so that you would understand how you got sick. Never once did he say, “take my product and you will get better or you will you now feel this.” He wasn’t selling his product. He was interested. The information was set out for you to understand why you lost function because of this digestive process and it made so much sense according to the symptoms and things matched up. You know how many doctors have I seen throughout this 12 years that couldn’t put two and two together for it to make sense enough for me to follow through with them? I would go look for another physician and this one person, whoever wrote these articles on that website, literally just wanted you to understand it so that you could make a decision and he would say, “look even if you took this information and went elsewhere this is how it is affecting you.”

Dr. Sharon Livingston: What specifically did he say?

Peggy: I can’t explain it to you; he just wasn’t trying to sell you anything.

There are so many people out there that every time you get onto a site they will say “well I promise that you will do this if you buy this” and he didn’t say that. His articles were for you to understand how you got sick and what it is doing to you even if you left that website and went somewhere else and never took his products. You could tell by the way it was written, and like I said I am a medical person, that he wasn’t interested that you took his products. He was interested that you understood the process.

The process of how yeast, how antibiotics affect your digestive system and what happens when yeast takes over, and all the drugs that I took, that is exactly what happened. The steroids drop your immune system function enough that the regular good bacteria go away and you start to develop symptoms of Candida or yeast infection, medically not gynecological. Orally, in your fingers, under your nails; the signs that you would have more of a yeast infection as far as how you felt, and I am talking about in your gut, in your colon, and after all of the antibiotics and steroids, that is exactly how I felt. So if I couldn’t even get up because I couldn’t digest food and I had an overgrowth of bacteria in my colon that would continue to make me tired and not let me digest food and not let me heal, how could anything I ever did for myself with the lupus or anything else work?

I sent him a note because it said, “Contact us with any questions or concerns,” so I wrote this note to lightly explain what happened. I told him about my diagnosis and say these are the products that I thought would help my situation if you have any insight or time to help me I would appreciate it. I have taken some of these products before through a homeopath so I have some idea of what it could do for me if I could get going with some advice, because I am disabled and stuck at home and this physician is no longer in my area. Well in two days this man answered my mail and said this is what could help this, this is what could help this, and this is what could help this. You don’t have to take my products but this is what they are, if you choose to use them this is what should happen, this is how you should take it, this is what, whether I used his products or someone else’s, and when I said to him, “My god you know to be honest I wrote back this is a lot, some of the products are hundreds of dollars for just a month,” I said what are the top three because I cannot afford to do this at the time. I have been disabled for 10 years not working. My husband is a police officer, just at the time that I was taking care of myself with the lupus you know with my family right before this pump was put into my abdomen, the medication that it took for me to be able to get up and go to the bathroom and stay well and not have an infection was $15,000 a month. We had to put out in cash on a credit card and wait to be reimbursed by an insurance company.

So some of the products are literally $180 for one bottle and I would need three of them a month, but he said to me $35 each supplement no matter what it cost. Now can you tell me would you believe this person wanted to help you or not?

So how could I not literally take his advice and do what I could and at that point? At the $35 I ordered the first four products out of the 10 he told me, and I got started. In that first two months not only was my memory better but my fatigue was improving. There are times where if the lupus is active I can still sleep 20 hours a day, that has never changed in 12 years, but it hasn’t happened since I have been taking the products.

And I am taking candelim powder and the candelim elixir and those are the two for the yeast, the digestive track. I am taking nymsar and quzu.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: What are those for?

Peggy: They are both for inflammatory conditions so they would help direct my immune system to function the right way after it decreases the inflammation. And I am taking mind matters for the cognition system, the memory problems which are improving daily after that initial month and msm powder and, I don’t know how to say that one, but that is for the pain, they are both for the pain and the new one’s penuvu for pain. The pain has improved so I am standing upright. I have not been standing upright for seven years.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Wow.

Peggy: All of these put together are having my immune system function instead of at a super high level attacking everything that comes near my body to not reacting so quickly and it’s cleaning up my body so the stuff that is working against the yeast is clearing out the bad bacteria and allowing the good bacteria back in my digestive system so that everything comes back into proper balance.

Honestly with everything working exactly as he told me it would in his initial letter to me and I tell you you could tell he was busy because he would write the name of the medication, what it would do like a dash and what it would do and how to take it. I no longer have pain 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I have had 12 years of solid pain there isn’t a day that I haven’t had so much pain I have taken 10 or 12 morphine doses a day. I don’t even take the pills anymore.

Listen let me just ask you, what are you hired by him to do this for him is that what this is?

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Yes.

Peggy: Ok I get it, all right.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: But you know I don’t work for just anybody. I am a psychologist and I have a lot of interests in alternative health and you know I have my own training so I only take people that I feel like I want to sing their praises.

Peggy: Oh my goodness please I can not tell you what he has done for me, I can not tell you. I don’t even know him and I feel like I would be able to recognize him in a crowd by how he would look.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Oh that is great.

Peggy: I only say that because I call him my Alaskan Angel.

Because I don’t know how I would have ever felt this way without him and I only say that because I have felt so like I was being chased by a bat every time I would get one step ahead it would be two steps back because something else would happen. But this is the first time honestly that I have caught a break in the 12 years.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Peggy you are fabulous, thank you so much and I wish you continued improvement and a wonderful birthday celebration today with your family.

Peggy: And you for your family and much success for both you and Robert really, honestly.

Candida and Antibiotics Link Finally Broken #2:

Written by a Happy Customer

Roslyn almost died from liver failure on June 1, 2009. After being in the hospital with an IV of antibiotics, her digestive system was almost destroyed. After leaving the hospital, she never felt right again. And no matter what she did, she just felt worse. After doing some reading — and discovering that she had a vaginal yeast infection — Roslyn first read the words “Candida” and finally realized what she was suffering from. Find out how her digestion kept getting worse, how she lost weight almost uncontrollably, and how her health continued to decline. But then, after discovering Robert Harrison and his supplements, her life finally turned around. Find out how in this compelling audio.

Listen to a HIGHLIGHT of this Candida relief story


Full Testimonial


Disclaimer: This person’s experience is not indicative of what you will experience.

Full Testimonial Transcript

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Hi Roselyn, this is Sharon Livingston. How are you today?

Roselyn: Oh good. How are you? Oh that’s right an interview.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: So, well I am just kind of curious how you came to the website, you know what brought you there to begin with and what your experience has been. I would love to hear about it.

Roselyn: Ok, I self diagnosed Candida after I had a serious illness, a sudden serious illness almost three years ago. June 1st will be three years, and my husband rushed me to the emergency room. I almost died actually.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Oh my goodness.

Roselyn: I was very close to liver failure. So fortunately, we got there in the nick of time and I was in the hospital for about four days and then I was able to go home. But I had been on IV antibiotics for 48 hours, a very intensive cocktail of IV antibiotics for those four days, and I don’t do very well with allopathic medicine. Anyway, so this was really bad because at some point I was begging them to take me off because I felt so sick from the antibiotics, but they said they had to keep me on them until the culture, the bacterial culture, came back. So that came back negative and they were finally able to take me off of them.

So I came home and my whole digestive system was just, how do I explain this to you, I couldn’t take in any food, I felt sick to my stomach. It is like I started to feel better from what they could only diagnose is sepsis caused by a virus. So I started to feel better but then the intensity and the quantity of antibiotics that I was given during the time that they were waiting for the bacterial culture to complete had just destroyed my digestive system to the point where I couldn’t take in any food or drink. I just felt sick to my stomach, I felt so sick. So they finally were able to when the culture was complete and it was proven negative, and so like I said, all they could do was determine it was sepsis caused by a virus. So I was sent home from the hospital and after a couple days my temperature was still high, but finally I was able to go home and I just wasn’t well because my digestive system was pretty well destroyed. I was weak and I had lost weight and I am very small and thin anyway. And so they took me about three-and-a-half weeks to get to the point where I was able to return to my job. I was taking probiotics and I got a different probiotic, I got one that was a much better one knowing that I had just had all of this antibiotic I got myself from our natural food store which is a really good one and really good people work there. I was recommended this very good one and so I was taking it and I was thinking that I was replenishing all of the good bacteria in my system. However, obviously I just wasn’t able to replenish it quickly enough and adequately enough and over the time I was seeing, I went to a new acupuncture doctor recommended by a friend. He was very helpful at the beginning and it seemed like I was getting stronger and better and feeling better and eating better and what not. But I started to have some, these symptoms that I didn’t understand, and when I would bring them up he would sort of say things like, “you feel that because you are so thin” or he would just sort of brush them off. So I thought, “well ok,” but at some point it was alarming to me how I was craving sugar, sweets, I was craving sweets and I have always liked sweets but I have always been able to keep it at a really nice balance with the rest of my diet. I was eating very healthfully but I was suddenly one of the symptoms was just I noticed that I was craving sweets like after every meal I wanted something sweet. I thought, “oh this is out of control, this is strange” and then I suddenly had some rashes on my legs and they got worse and worse. They looked like somewhat like eczema and my doctor, because they were sort of I guess you could call it bilateral, I had the same thing on the right as the left, my primary care physician said well when you have it on both sides equally it indicates that it is food related.

But my digestion is just getting worse and I am feeling sicker and I was losing weight because I couldn’t eat and I really came to a point where I was having pretty severe acid reflux and I really wasn’t able to eat because it was so awful. I tried, at first, after I diagnosed it, a friend loaned me a book and it’s called Sinus Survival Handbook because I was having more sinus infections which was odd to me. So she loaned me this book and she had had Candida for a long time and so I started reading it and what I read forwarded me to the chapter on Candida right away. I went to that chapter and I took the self test and I had like I don’t know, some 90, 85-90% of the symptoms. I said, “this is it,” I mean this is clearly what it is. So I immediately started researching and I started following the Candida diet but there is a lot of differences in different websites, different books that you look at. So it was very unclear to me, can I really have this? This site says yes, this site says no. So then I came down with a really serious vaginal yeast infection. So I took something that my doctor recommended which helped but it didn’t help as in certainly helpful the acid reflux and all of the other symptoms, it just cleared up the vaginal infection.

I was very thin, I was basically getting down to skin and bones, I was kind of a skeleton and I didn’t have a lot of energy and I always exercised and very active, and boy I couldn’t be so I didn’t know what to do and I just started to pray. I didn’t know where to turn. So I just started praying and my husband and I were coming home from a meditation retreat on Sunday evening and we stopped at the natural food store and I bumped into an old old friend, a woman I had done trainings with and such and in our conversation and checking in with each other I said that I was experiencing Candida and she told me she had had it for 15 years and a friend turned her on to some probiotics that have actually cleared up her Candida. So she was happy to sell me a box and so we met down from where I lived at the community center the next day and she gave me a box that, I forget exactly what, I can’t remember the name of it off the top of my head right now, but anyway it was on Robert’s website when she first bought it and she didn’t know how much, and I don’t know if it is still there, no its not, its not. So she didn’t know how much to charge me so she said she would, so I guess she looked it up on the website and he no longer had it on the website so I think she also had gotten it from Amazon. So she got the price from Amazon and she told me that she had gone to the original website and it was no longer there but she said I saw all of these other Candida products and so I requested the information on all of these products on your behalf. So great and one day somewhat there after I received in the mail this envelope filled with information on all of his Candida products and I looked through it and I said I think this is what I need, I need to try this.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: What made you feel that way? What made you say I think this is what I need?

Roselyn: Reading the description of the products like the Candida, Candiclearifies, reading what is the ingredients in the Candiclearafies and then it talks about what it would do for you, how it will heal you.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: What did it say that was so compelling to you?

Roselyn: It talked about how it actually kills off the Candida blooms and it rids your body of toxins and it also clears out heavy metals. I think you know and there may be more but I know that those are three major things. And then there was total flora 15 which is a specific to Candida probiotic and I don’t remember the others to be honest with you. I just saw there are quite a number of them. So I just said I am going to call and I done a lot of alternative healing in my life and I am very open, I am very open to it and my body responds pretty well, very well actually, to a lot of alternative healing, and actually another answer to my prayer came before I actually connected with Robert. I work for the county I live in health and human services office and one of my clients, a Latino woman who had had an accident, a head injury, came in before I had contacted Robert. Actually she was telling me that she had a healing by this woman this like an energy healing and all of her symptoms had gone away and I just said I need her number and I want to connect with her. So I did a couple of healings with this woman and she helped me actually be able to start eating. She had suggested certain things that worked initially and I was actually able to just begin eating again. But it wasn’t taking care of the acid reflux that is for sure and again I knew more it was beaded I knew that, I know my body really well and like I said I have done a lot of holistic and alternative healing and I knew that again this was another step in the right direction. But it wasn’t enough and then Robert’s information came to me. So I called the day after I got it in the mail I called and I spoke to one of the women that answered and I said told her my little story and I said I am really interested, I want to know more about these products, I think that I would like to probably start taking some of these things but I don’t even know where to begin. There is so much here and so she asked me if I would like to have a consultation with Robert and I said yes I would. So she called me back that very day, he called me later that day and I talked to him and I told him what was going on. Just his patience and his calmness, he just has a healing manner about him and you know just I am a highly sensitive person so I pick up on a lot of things that maybe others might not, but his voice and the way he talks. He said to me how old are you and I told him my age and he said how is your bone density and I said well I just had it tested this year and it is kind of on the low side but I am also a very small and very petite woman and so he said well that makes sense, but it is not usual that someone who has Candida the first product that would come up as the most important would be a calcium magnesium supplement.

It wasn’t dangerous, but OCMP would be a good product for me, it’s the most important product right then because it would balance the calcium magnesium and it would also break down the calcification. So that was good. And then the second product, I can’t remember which was second, but when he said to me which nobody had talked about and I was not going to take western medicine for it and I didn’t know what to do about the acid reflux, but he said to me and the other product that is very important for you is GI Pro which is for digestion and specifically for acid reflux. And when he said acid reflux I just was sold, I just said that is it, that is like one of the major things that I am experiencing right now is acid reflux. So I was sold right there. I knew that he was getting it, he was very humble when I said to him, “ok I am going to buy all of these products from you, I never met you, I don’t know who you are and I am putting my trust in you.” You know it was just kind of like, in this sort of question way I am putting my trust in you and he said well, he was very humble and he said something like well you know the feedback I get is very positive and he said that I am good at this, I am not perfect he wasn’t a sales man, he wasn’t trying to sell me anything at all and so I said ok, I am going to try a months worth, lets go for a month with Candiclear and with OCMP and the GI Pro and the total Flora. If I am not mistaken those are my four that I started with and I started taking them immediately that they came.

I started to see improvement pretty quickly. I started to be able to eat and feel better pretty quickly and I could call him, I could ask him questions. He was very, very patient and he didn’t rush me and he answered all of my questions very clearly very in the detail I needed, and then anytime I had to call him because of whatever that has been going on for me I have always, he has always just been there, he listens. I have been taking his supplements for a year now, I have been on the Candida diet for a year and a half and I feel pretty clean right now, I am calling next week for a consultation.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: And so what is different from a year-and-a-half ago, what is different?

Roselyn: What is different is that my skin is completely cleared up, there is no acid reflux what so ever. I am trying to think of all the symptoms that I had; I had headaches, I woke up every morning with a background headache, I don’t have headaches any longer, anxiety, I had this unexplainable anxiety that I really didn’t have control over sometimes. It wasn’t all the time, but I could sometimes wake up feeling like this anxiety for no specific reason, a non specific anxiety and that completely went away and I had lost about 8 pounds which is huge for me because, just to give you a little specifics here, I only weigh 90 pounds normally.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Oh my goodness.

Roselyn: I am 5 feet and ½ inch to be specific and I was down to 82 pounds and it was awful. I just looked, I really looked like a skeleton, I didn’t like going out my front door because I looked so, I was so skinny. I lost all of my musculature and so I started to be able to exercise more frequently. I go to a little fitness center right by my work, I go at lunch and work out and I also walk on the days I don’t go to the gym. I do an aerobic walk and I do yoga. Also I go to a yoga studio and my ability to do these things had diminished so much and I lost all of my muscle. So I started to be able to eat better and my weight started to come up. The Candiclear is really, really excellent in helping with elimination for me. And then also Robert suggested I take five teaspoons of sesame oil. I use raw sesame oil, five teaspoons of raw sesame oil and three teaspoons of flax seed oil and I put olive oil on my salads. Every day I have those oils to help my body absorb the products better, to absorb my food better.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Oh interesting.

Roselyn: Yeah so he said it would help in the absorption. So I have been doing that for a long time too. So yeah so it’s just been a healing journey from day one, it’s been a healing journey for me.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: That is really wonderful. Have you recommended him, have you ever recommended Robert or Get Healthy again to other people?

Roselyn: I have. I don’t talk about it to people unless it comes up, I mean its not something that you know I will bring up unless somebody asks me, you know, about what I am doing or whatever and I have given the website to a couple of people.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Fantastic. That is great and so Roselyn that is just a wonderful wonderful story I really want to thank you for sharing it. Does he have your permission to use your, what you have said, to talk about the site and his products?

Roselyn: Yes, hope you would put it in a format, that I trust you will put it in a format that is, and like you said you would take out all the ums and ahs and all of that.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Oh for sure. So you will sound terrific, you will sound absolutely terrific.

Roselyn: I just want to end it on a really positive note a really exciting note and you don’t have to put this in, this is for you, I mean you are welcome to use it, but that is not necessarily why I am telling you. I am telling you because I think its really exciting, I am retiring at the end of next month.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Oh my goodness.

Roselyn: Yeah, its time and I am 64 and I will be 65 in September so I am retiring from my job and as a retirement celebration kind of a trip of a lifetime my husband he is taking a sabbatical and we are going to, and this was really important to me to get well and its been my motivation for really speeding up the process of healing, we are going to do a trek around the base of Mont Blanc and it goes through Italy and Switzerland and France.

It is very exciting and I did the training with a fitness trainer. It’s a very tiny gym, I am out in a rural area in Point Reyes California and I did a training with the fitness trainer and she gave me a program specifically because I had lost all of my musculature and my muscles are weak, and so she gave me a program to strengthen, to improve my strength and endurance and I am actually physically ready at this point to do this trek.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Fantastic, wow.

Roselyn: All I can say is that I really honor and feel tremendous gratitude to Robert and to his commitment to finding the best products that exist and to matching them up with his clients.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: That is really wonderful to hear, yes.

Roselyn: He is just so committed, he is so, oh what word do I want, he really is committed to helping people heal; the website gethealthyagain.com really speaks for itself. He wants people, he wants to help people get healthy, he is committed to that.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: That is wonderful I think that is a good place to end and I hope you have a wonderful trip that sounds fantastic.

Roselyn: Thank you, thank you very much.

Candida, Hair Loss and Constipation Gone:

Written by a Happy Customer

Sherry had a rather embarrassing problem: she couldn’t have a normal bowel movement. She knew something was wrong because her hair was falling out, too. Long a believer in the energies that are part of us all, she was instantly attracted to Robert Harrison and his frequency-containing elixirs and other supplements. After discovering that Candida was part of her problem, she tried CandElim. Hear in her own words how she now feels in this short audio clip.

Listen to a HIGHLIGHT of this Candida relief story


Full Testimonial


Disclaimer: This person’s experience is not indicative of what you will experience.

Full Testimonial Transcript

Dr. Sharon Livingston: I got your information from Robert Harrison and I was interested in talking to you and getting feedback on, I think it’s the Candida relief product that you tried?

Sherry: Right.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: So yes, I would love to hear all about that.

Sherry: Well as you know I had it and it was causing me not to have bowel movements.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Wow.

Sherry: And I think I was on it for 2 months.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: So before you tell me that part, how did you come to Robert’s site? How did you find that?

Sherry: I am into healthy stuff and I just looked up on the Internet and I got reading his stuff and I was impressed. Then I muscle test. You can muscle test to calibrate to see what is truth and what is not and he showed very high. So I said, “I am going to try it” and I did. My sister passed and I wanted him to work on me because of the simple fact that I had been under so much stress for her because I was caring for her.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Sure.

Sherry: I knew I had some problems but my mind was so messed up and he said one of your problems is Candida toxins and I said “ok, let’s get rid of it.” So he got me on the product.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Which one was it?

Sherry: Oh goodness let me see if I have the bottle, I don’t remember if I kept them, I like his elixirs you know.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: The elixirs?

Sherry: Yes, I love those.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: What do you like about his elixirs?

Sherry: Because there are frequencies and I believe in frequencies 100%, the energy, you know, because I do a lot of energy work and so I really believe in that part. But the bottle that I was taking (I am going to spell it for you so you have the correct it) is Candelim.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Candelim.

Sherry: Yeah and I used that. I used that for 2 months, actually 3 months, but 2 months it was gone and then the last month was to make sure we just got everything; none was hiding anywhere that we missed.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Wow, and so what did you notice changed?

Sherry: I was able to have bowel movements.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Wow, so that was the biggest deal for you, the biggest symptom was that you couldn’t go?

Sherry: Yeah and I had problems with my hair.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: What was happening?

Sherry: Oh it was falling out. I was a mess; so much stress has been this year.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: I could imagine, my goodness.

And what have you said, I am kind of curious of how you would describe it, describe what he does, what his site is, how would you describe to other people?

Sherry: What I also do is I took my products that I bought from Robert to my mentor, the lady that got me going on all of this stuff years ago (I always take things to her and have her double check).

Dr. Sharon Livingston: How does she test?

Sherry: She muscle tests.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: So she does applied kinesiology?

Sherry: Uh huh.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Got it, ok.

Sherry: And she is very impressed with his product.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: What did she say about it?

Sherry: That it tests very high.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: So tell me what you think of Robert himself, had you actually had any interactions with him?

Sherry: Well I have talked to him many times on the phone.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: How would you describe him?

Sherry: Very gentleman, a kind man. I think he has got a good soul. He is not arrogant and I really like that in him because a lot of people get quite arrogant and don’t like to listen to other people. You ever notice that people know they got something good and they just are kind of arrogant about the whole thing and you don’t really listen?

Dr. Sharon Livingston: And so you took the Candelim for 2 months and then you took another month just to make sure?

Sherry: Yes, just consider it maybe maintenance; it was 3 months that I took it.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: All together?

Sherry: Uh huh, 2 months cleaned it up pretty much but you know he was impressed on that.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: And then what happened with your hair?

Sherry: It’s not coming out like it was.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: That is great.

Sherry: It is doing pretty good; you can feel your little knots coming back.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: That is great. So anything else you would like to mention or tell me about your experience with the products, with the website, with Robert?

Sherry: Are you planning on using his product?

Dr. Sharon Livingston: After hearing these yes as a matter of fact I just ordered Candelim myself.

Sherry: Oh did you? Oh I think you will be impressed with that. I was.

More Testimonials...

Written by a Happy Customer

At GetHealthyAgain we receive a lot of positive feedback from happy customers. Read what some of them have to say about our products!


I purchase the CandiElim on 4.16.12. I believe I received the order on 4.20.12. I started on 4.21.12 with the CandiElim. I am pleasantly surprised with the outcome. I cannot tell you how many supplements and home remedies and several Rx topical drugs I have tried to rid my body of the fungus. My last try was Colloidal Silver which did almost nothing except slight decrease in symptoms which would recur several days later.

The rash I had was on approximately 80% of my body. My abdominal area, anterior lower extremities, hands, back of forearms, are the areas where I had no rash. I am not rid of the rash completely, but I am almost symptom free, as I have some border redness in a few locations hanging on, the small bumps or pimples are gone, almost no itching, and I was in the sun on 5.6.12 in the Florida Keys on a boat for 5 hours and received a minor sunburn on the previous rash locations, which in the past would burn and peal and turn white again in preparation of another sunburn, that did not happen! I have had a normal skin reaction and darkening of the skin after the minor burn. My Daughter-In-Law was so impressed with my progress, she has started the treatment also today….

Thank you for such a comprehensive web site and great products.

Tom A.

I received my combo pkg thurs, mar 22 (I quit taking store bought meds…my garlic pill & culterelle 3days prior).

Fri, I started taking the Nymsar and my tongue appears more clean. In the past i had to clean my tongue with raw garlic.

Sat I was in class & ate available snacks (brownies x5). I began to feel bad & yeast-itchy so I sat down to plan my CandElim Combo intake (was reluctant to begin combo since my hubby’s leaving town for 5days just in case reaction).

Time to act.

Lastnight, I drank 1 scoop of Candiclear 5 mixed with my tea/lemonade at 11pm (top of my feet itched 1/2hr later in bed). I woke up about 10am and my hubby suggested we go for a walk.

I thought I better watch my foot but realized my heel pain was/is gone!!!!! I mean I was ready to go see a doctor and use a cane last week because walking was unbareable for my foot. I AM FASCINATED AND GIVE GOD ALL THE GLORY FOR YOU AND YOUR TEAM WORKING TO HELP HEAL FOLKS LIKE ME. I am hopeful that if these meds have worked in 1/2 day…I anticipate a whole month of full treatment will be miraculous!!!
MVTO (thank-u)


I had used 2 containers of the CandiClear5. Then I started on the CandElim, I just started my third bottle. I am almost finished with my first bottle of GI Pro. I also had to use Nymsar to be able to use the full amount per day of the CandElim (2 & ½ droppers). The GI Pro made a huge difference with my Candida symptoms. I noticed this after about using ½ the bottle! So, I have a few questions…. How long should I use the GI Pro, and when should I start to use the Total Flora 15?

I have to tell you, your products are the best that I have used in my battle against candida. I can’t thank you enough! Finally, something that works! My hopes are high that I can get rid of this yucky stuff for good. I was having a lot of urinary and vaginal issues because of this it, also some joint pain. I saw a homeopathic doctor for about 4 yrs and never got this good of results!

I also do follow a “Candida Diet” & I am very much into organic/raw foods, but only as much as I can afford…

Thank you!


imgHi Robert,
I’m glad you asked for my story!

I’ve been battling candida for several years now. My symptoms were: persistant yeast/bacterial infections, bladder infections, severe abdominal gas, skin rashes, and pain in my upper middle back. Once I realized what the symptoms were caused from, I stopped eating sugar, flour, yeast, etc. and started taking Candex, which gave me a small amount of relief. I also found a source for raw milk kefir to get my probiotics.
2 1/2 months ago I was still looking for help, and came across your website. The way you explained candida made a lot of sense. I used your saliva test method, and could tell that I still had a pretty severe case of candida. The strings in the water sank like lead. So I ordered your candi-elim, and the powder.

I immediately noticed some not-too-severe die-off symptoms, which was very encouraging to me! In the last two months my candida symptoms have virtually been eliminated, and the saliva test showed a dramatic improvement, although I think I still have a little way to go. I’m planning to stick with it as long as necessary to bring balance back into my body.
Thank you!!

Kathy B.


I have been for another Electrodermal reading since your message. I ran out of CandElim, so I had not taken any in about 6 weeks. My candida was still there, but with a lower reading than ever. I think you were right and the more I thought about it, the more convinced I was. I have read over the years of research that candida would indeed mutate and hide in your body. I will soon order more CandElim and perhaps after 5 years of fighting it, finally eliminate it from my lungs completely.
Thank you for your help.


Linda V.

Hello Robert

It’s good hearing from you. I love this product and would put others on it.

You know that I had a big problem with candida and with your help in 3 months it was gone. I’ve said it before and say it again your products Exlir are awsome. I have many thanks to you Robert and which you well in every thing you do.

best wishes and GOD bless

Sheri W.

Dear Robert,

I have had yeast infections for nearly 4 years. Before that I’d never had one in my life. I had been exposed to a home that had mold problems once a week for about 4 hours each time for 6 years. (A ceramics class in a basement.) That is the only thing I can think of that might have caused my problem. I finally found out I had leaky gut at the end of Oct last year. I began the diet and then added herbs after 2 weeks. I felt so much better! I thought I had conquered the problem. After 3 months I added potatoes (only twice) and some white rice a few times. Suddenly the yeast was back. Very discouraging!

So I began looking on-line for another solution and found your site. I ordered your CandElim Combo pack. I have only been taking it for 2 weeks, but after less than 1 week, the vaginal yeast has disappeared & my joints are no longer aching. I was able to begin the full dosage recommended by the end of the first week. I stopped taking my herbs as soon as I started your products—I wasn’t sure if they should be taken together—and am continuing the strict diet. I figure I will need to continue your CandElim for many months since I have had the yeast problem for so many years. I am praying that your products will FINALLY be the death knell to my yeast problem. Thank you for such an informative site & wonderful products.

Sharon B.

Hi Robert,

I would love to tell you about my experiences with your products. I started with Clear 5, had major die off in the beginning but worked pretty good to get Candida somewhat better. I had to watch my diet, however not as stringent as before, product. Although, I felt better, the Candida was still there. I also have leaky gut, with food allergies. Next I tried Candida Elm, this worked better. For about 2 weeks, I felt great, like the Candida was gone. However, when I added too may carbs and add some of my progestin cream, some of my symptoms return. Still I am far better than I have been in years. I am continuing both products along with Gi Pro for the 2nd month. Hopefully in a few months the Candida spores will be gone. I appreciate all your help, and research with Candida. It’s a terrible illness, and your products are far the best, I have yet to see. I will keep you posted on my progress. Next I will be ordering probiotics. Thanks again, keep getting the word out and, I will do the same.

Gina B.

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Your recommendation for the Relief was spot on. My 14 year old had just reached puberty, and her body was going through terrible changes. I took her to the pediatrician twice because of her problems, but she kept getting misdiagnosed. We were fixing the candida problem down below, but it wasn’t doing anything for the overactive dandruff and scales on her scalp. It was you, through email, that correctly called. Once I treated her for candida the bloathing and scales went away. It wasn’t immediate, but it was effective.

I hope this helps.

Stefanie J.

imgHello, Robert!

I am glad to help out.

Just know that my stories aren’t exactly scientific because I am dealing with so many uncontrolled variables.

Good news: I did a spit test on my birthday (#60, April 12) and the spit stayed all glommed together with no streamers or flakes. There has been improvement with CandElim.

Good news: My metabolism–thyroid, adrenals–did balance out after taking Tyovu & Fembalance–but, I also took supplements (herbal tinctures and capsules) from Good Herbs, a company here in Troy, MI.

Best Wishes and Much Gratitude,

Leslie H.

Hi Robert,

I use candiclear 5 and defense. if i eat something that inflames my candida i take a scoop of candiclear 5 and i feel immediate relief. it also helps me stay regular in my bowel movements. i take defense with aloe vera juice. the first time i took it i had chills, i believe that was the beta-glucan working. i recommend both. also i dont mind the taste of candiclear 5. hope this helps.

George K.

imgDear Robert,

Of the products I used from GHA the Candiclear 5 seemed to me to be, by far, the most effective in my case of clearing a 40 year old yeast infection. It with a couple of other ingredients, observing a very strict diet for about 8 month’s, alkalizing everything I drank, etc. Several things contributed, but I believe that product was essential in getting the job done.
Thanks Robert.

Bob B.


I ordered the blue bottle of Omni Elixir, (I think it was called) for Candida. I have had type 2 diabetes for 20 years, and had candida of and on for all those years, never able to clear it up. I used the blue elixir for a few months, using drops of it, as the directions said, and it cleared the candida. I had a heart attack Sept. 2010, and never went back to the blue elixir after that, as I had 4 stents implanted in my right coronary artery, and had to take Plavix to keep the stents from plugging up.

I have not had any signs of candida at all, and have been off the elixir since Sept. 2010. I still have 2/3 of the bottle in my refrigerator! You may use this testimony for your newsletter, and put in the proper name of product. It was my 1st order from you.

Sincerely, Katie Long

About 3 years ago I began to have digestive problems and was looosing weight. finally the doctors found I had diverticulosis (tho no pain or other symptoms), the result of an x-ray of my lower body. I was perscribed cipro, which seemed to work fine. Shortly after finishing the cipro medication, my tounge turned white…….diagnosed as candida..

The candida medicine worked fine, but I experienced excessive fatigue. At the beginning of the day, I felt fine….but, after taking the candida meds,I almost immediately became fatigued. Then three hours later, I was again feeling pretty good; only to take a new dose, and again fatigue set in. It took several weeks to finally overcome the candida, and resume normal digestion.

Harry F.

Thanks Mr Harrison

the Probiotics helps me very much for the past year i have lots more energy and
less problems with feeling fatigue. Have a nice weekend


Let me tell you that is so wonderful to finally have myself back in balance thanks to the awesome products you offer. I will admit that it did take me over a year,with gradual improvement month after month. I still take faithfully every day the candiclear5 and as soon as I start to feel acidic I take a half teaspoon of the biotic bloom and take 2 capryilic acid capsules.

At the 8th month mark I weaned myself entirely off Prilosec which made a huge difference after getting past the one week of my body adjusting. I drink an apricot ph balancing tea if I am having a meal which is highly acidic. The detoxifying with candicear5 can not be overstated in my opinion as the most effective in regaining balance and staying in balance which is why I still take it every day.

I used stage one,two,three,and four the first year to a year and a half.All excellent products which help get to the root of my severe case of cadidia over-growth from a hiatial hernia. I can honestly say I feel great now but will never be without my candicear5 or biotic bloom. I hope this is helpful.

Linda M.

Dear Robert

I found the Candidia formula very helpful.

The diet that you have to keep to was the toughest part, but I lost some weight so that was a bonus.
I was very disciplined with the diet.

And all in all together with the Candidia Herbal Formula got rid of the Candida.

So I would most definetly recommend it to anyone seriously wanting a cure.

But its got to go hand in hand with the diet.

Hope that helps

Anna du P.

Hello Robert,

Thank you for your letter. I experienced the CandiClear5 as the only supplement that has helped me with Candida. Also I believe it has helped me with other things. It is powerful however, and even though I want to take it again, I hesitate because the die of symptoms are so strong. Still when I am ready I will do another 3 months of it. I did get the enzyme and Probiotic but I can’t say that I experience those much.

I also experienced you as very responsive with email when I had questions and I appreciated that.

Marie G.

Hi Robert,

your supplements have worked tremendously!

From having severe infections (ear, thrush, chest etc) to nothing. It has been an extremely slow path to a healthy body but well worth it.
I am still taking Candiclear5 as well an oxygen supplement because i still have my haemorrhoids but my skin is finally improving!!!

I was in a terrible state before i commenced the detox and the initial detoxification was a nightmare but there was light at the end of the tunnel!

God bless Robert!

Vasiliki P.

Well, my mother is using the relief protocol for candida albicans. However, she halfway follows the diet
and does not like to exercise much.

I have tried to tell her things but she has to want to do the things that will enable the health products
that they ordered from you to work better.

She is feeling better. And when she isn’t taking the pills, she notices the difference. When I ask her
how she feels, she does not explain enough, or doesn’t know. She is 82 yrs. old and told me one
day that she has been sleeping better, does not have bowel problems anymore, and her blood sugar
has been really doing well.

So, if she would just exercise and eat better, I am sure she would overcome the diabetes type II.
She has lost some weight though on the protocol. She was 160 and is down to 153 lbs right now.

Myra P.

Hi Robert,

Here is what I have noticed from taking your products. I am taking quite a few so I am not sure what is doing what but the cancer lump on my breast is smaller and my candida is rapidly declining. Also you are a tremendous help on the phone as to what might be needed and I thank you much.


Heidi T.

Dear Mr. Harrison,

My computer has been out with a virus for almost a week, and I just read your email. I’m so sorry I didn’t see it sooner, hope I can still help you, as you have certainly been a help to me. After taking antibiotics for over 8 months for the lymes disease, my body was a mess. Of course the good bacteria in my stomach and intestines, etc. were completely destroyed. I began taking probiotics, but they weren’t strong enough to help that much. I had to use over the counter meds for the yeast infection, but they couldn’t touch it either. After talking to you and getting the Y elilxir that you recommended, I finally got relief. I no longer felt that my lower abdomen was going to “fall out” (only way I can explain it) and with no itching. I could tell I was not totally better, for if I missed a day I could tell the difference. This seldom happened, except once when I went away for a few days and forgot my “Y”. How wonderful it was to finally know that I was getting help. I have started on the next phase and am thrilled with the products. Thank goodness for people like you who have alternative medicine. No amount of OTC’s or prescriptions helped me at all. If I can do anything more to help you, please let me know, for you have helped me beyond belief. Sorry I didn’t get to your email sooner.

Margie B.

I’ve been pleased with the supplements you prescribed, I was ready to give up on a successful treatment. After about six months though I started to feel like my body didn’t want the supplements. So I discontinued them and felt well for several months. I will try again soon.

Liz B.


I have been using various products from Get Healthy Again over the past 3-4 years, all of which have helped me and members of my family. Recently I have used the following products:

1) OCMP…for cellular detox and candida yeast overgrowth.
2) MSM, an oxygenator.
3) Papaya Pro for my dad.
4) Oxy-E.

There are other products that I use but these are the most recent purchases.
All of the above have worked exceptionally well for me and my dad. And congratulations on the newly designed web page!

Very user friendly.

Bo B.

Did you know?
That most people's bodies are overly acidic instead of the normal slightly alkaline pH? An acidic body pH creates a favorable breeding ground for candida and other diseases. Fortunately, Alka Super C is excellent at improving pH levels. Also eat tangerines, grapefruit and lemons to improve pH and help reduce candida while eating carbs. Taking a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water 3 times a day is also useful. Neither is needed if using Alka Super C.
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